Residential Inspections

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Residential Inspections

What's Inspected During A Home Inspection

When you schedule your home inspection with All Points Inspection Service, you are hiring a Professional Building Consultant/Inspector. We are experienced professionals who have training and experience in the building industry. It is our job to not only evaluate the condition of the house’s major systems and structural integrity, but also to evaluate how these systems are working together and identify areas that need to be watched, repaired or replaced.



Our Consulting/Home Inspection service provides a visual inspection of the structural elements and mechanical systems which are accessible. The inspector will view the property with you explaining everything in detail, so you understand it, including the visual limitations that may exist. The extensive training our inspectors receive along with their experience give our inspectors insight about houses similar to yours, so they really know what to look for and can readily compare your house and its systems with other houses of similar age and condition. All homes have strong and weak points, and they are not always what they seem. The reporting systems that we have incorporated into our company allow you to gain the perspective and sound information you need to make better decisions.


Your home consultant will give you the “Big Picture” analysis of the house. If the building consultant identifies the need for a more detailed analysis of any of the home’s systems or structural components, the inspector will recommend the appropriate professional, which may be an experienced engineer or a qualified licensed contractor or specialty tradesman with expertise analyzing that particular system or structural component.


We not only service buyers but also complete:


For sellers, a pre-listing inspection can save you a lot of avoidable trouble and stress, and maximize your profit. If you know there are items to fix, you can either repair or disclose them while preparing to list your home. Being forthright demonstrates that you are not hiding anything. Even better, being ahead of the curve with fixes before listing will present potential buyers with the best visual of their dream home. All home inspection services we provide are available for sellers, as they are for buyers.

Benefits of a PreListing Inspection

Why are more sellers inspecting before they have a buyer?

  • Proven to sell homes faster and for more money
  • Highlight positive aspects of a home for added selling points
  • Stand out among other properties due to professional reports
  • Help to accurately price your home, reducing time on the market
  • Prevent unexpected issues from delaying or derailing a sale
  • Provide time to hire contractors for repairs or estimates
  • Encourage buyer to waive inspection contingency
  • Add professional documentation to the disclosure statements

Know Before You Show!

New construction/phase inspections

We will perform a visual inspection of the construction and residence in four phases. A written report will be provided after each inspection.


Pre-pour includes property line encroachment, building layout, check steel content and depth of footings, post tension cables, plumbing and electrical stub out locations, visible water and sewer lines.


Pre–siding phase window and door placement, window and door flashings, window and door squareness of openings, functionality of windows, stud and other timber bowing or twisting.


Pre-drywall rough plumbing and electrical, broken plumbing lines, nicked wiring, inadequate bracing, beams that over span their strength, HVAC ducting, bowed or cut studs, improper flashing, fire blocking, fixture backing.


Final inspection takes place when construction is complete. We will provide you with a final written report identifying the defects that we (1) observed and (2) deemed material.


An 11 month warranty inspection can be added to this package or purchased separately at the 11 month anniversary.

11 month warranty inspections

11 month warranty inspection is a whole house inspection intended to help the homeowner identify issues that need to be addressed by the builder prior to the expiration of the 1 year builders warranty.

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