Thermal Imaging

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging offers a way to visualize things that would otherwise go unseen. Our infrared cameras assist in detecting temperature variations to uncover potential problems such as wet areas, missing insulation, air leaks, and overheating electrical components. A scan is also a great launching point to discover ways to increase efficiency in your home.

California Thermal Imaging California Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Options

Most Popular Scans:

  • Checking below kitchens and bathrooms for leaks after testing fixtures and appliance
  • Scanning the main electric panel for overheating breakers or wires
  • Looking at the upper level ceilings for roof leakage
  • Checking the basement for water leakage
  • Evaluating the unknown source of leaks from walls or plumbing

Additional Scans Available:

  • Water leak detection throughout a building
  • Overheating electrical components and motors
  • Missing insulation
  • Air leak detection (typically part of an energy audit)
  • EIFS inspections
  • Flat roof scan (must be done at night)